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E-mail: contact@fransis.foundation

Address: Rua Campo Grande 28, 7C, 1700-093 Lisbon, Portugal

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What is it?

Here you can integrate the newest tech solutions into your business to optimize its processes, to attract or to make investments, to scale the market or to influence your community.  This platform is designed to boost people-centered enterprises, providing you with scientifically tested software and competence of Europe’s best specialists.


Our Solutions

Equity Tokenization

Equity Tokenization Optimize your business and raise capital in just 6 month

Customer Segment Tokenization

Stimulate sales and hack growth of your community

Revenue Streams Tokenization

Minimize transaction costs and scale the market globally 

Security Token of Selected Company

Customize investments to boost your profit

Liquidity Index Tokenization

Low-risk investment up to 6% yearly

Invest in FRANSIS Framework

Join our immortality project!

Why Us?

Bottom-Top-Bottom Crypto Economy Aproach

We use modern instruments of fundamental science to create the economic reality

Reliable Database of business relationships

We aim to create a business community based on transparency and trust

Research & Development Group

Perspective scientists and engineers seeking truth and building the future on it

Hybrid Tokenomics Model

Combining all aspects of business in one effective economic model

Our Team

We are a team of skilled, motivated scientists, engineers and analysts, a collaboration group working to solve current and future issues of Digital Economy and business development. We believe that every business model can be seen through simple mathematical models and transformed into success. 

"Blockchain must be simple and easy to use, like a microwave"

CEO, Founder & Blockchain Architect

Mike Ananyin

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"Finance management is difficult, let computers do the job"

Computer Scientist Machine Learning Expert & AI Enthusiast

Artur Sokolovsky

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"Programing is 10% talent and 90% of wasted time"

Blockchain Engineer, & Smart-Contract Full Stack Developer

Gaidar Sinuakov

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"Business on blockchain is like contemporary art - nobody gets it, but everybody loves it"

Project Manager & Communication Director

Maryia Hare

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"Functionality is always the starting point for any communication designer"

Head Designer & Communication Manager

Rita da Fonseca

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